Chapter Co-Chairs

Joan Jacobsen

Joan Jacobsen

Sussex County Co-Chair

Joan was born in Hoboken, NJ of Irish and Italian descent. She is the fifth of six children with three sisters and two brothers. Joan resided in Union City in the same home as her Irish Grandparents. She developed feelings of empathy and kindness after listening to their stories of struggle. In the early 1920’s her Grandmother opened her own luncheonette on Greenwich Street in downtown Manhattan which served women only. Her cook was an African American woman and her daughters the wait staff. She was an empowered woman before her time!

After school, Joan went on to work in the very Downtown area of New York where her Grandmother owned a successful business. She worked in a century-old mutual fund company and went on to become their first ever woman manager. She left her job in New York to raise her daughter, later returning to work in NJ for Tiffany & Co., and others. Joan also owned and operated two of her own businesses in homage to her Grandmother.

Joan is now retired and donates her time as a volunteer for Action Together New Jersey, she brings her convictions of compassion and advocation for Senior Citizens and to all of those that need a voice.

Democratic Vice-Chair Hardyston Township, Democratic Committee Member, Member ATNJ, League of Women Voters, NOW, NAACP, Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, AARP, Gallon Club New York Blood Bank